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Key information can rise above the noise.

Blink gives every member in a highly personalized feed with a curated flow of posts. When employees open Blink they see photos, video, comments, links, gifs and more. All organised by category. You can Feature posts or send a Priority post, to make sure key messages are received.

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Ready for your teams to use today.

  • Super easy to set up & administer
  • Beautiful UX that is a pleasure to use
  • Simple for your teams to learn & use
  • Works seamlessly across mobile, desktop and web
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Find and connect with colleagues on desktop and mobile.

Directory is the perfect way to ensure team members can find and stay in touch with each other. Profiles are the perfect place for your team to share contact details, job, line manager, reports and department information as well as things you have shared with each other on Blink.

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No more searching for key information. No more out of date Intranet.

One place for your team to find everything they need. Upload files, create Pages, share links, organize your content. Super simple to set-up and administer. Finally, everything in one place!

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All the features you'd expect. And a few surprises that you won't...

  • Direct & Group Chat, Channels
  • Available on Mobile, Desktop App (Windows & Mac) and in your browser
  • Share files, GIFs, videos, links, pictures and more
  • No limits on the number of participants
  • Flexible notification settings
  • Name your Group Chats
  • Everything is fully searchable
  • A few surprises, like our Tea Round!
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Blink seamlessly integrates with the tools and services that your team already use.

By bringing all your tools into one place, pull in your calendar, search your files, or even send automatic notifications to your team's Feed. We don't have all the integrations yet, but we're adding more all the time.

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Reach everyone. Bring previously uncontactable team members into the loop.

Greater Engagement. Radically improve employee engagement with relevant and visually pleasing messages.

Remove barriers. Make sure everyone has access to everything they need.

Easy to use. Blinks consumer-like interface means no training and impact is felt immediately.

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